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Infinitum Partners – A Global Opportunistic Equity Long/Short approach to the markets.



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John Yetimoglu

John was born and raised in Miami and fostered a lifelong passion for business and public equity investing at a very young age inspired by Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, and Stan Druckenmiller. John has an extensive background in fundamental and quantitative research/analytics. He joined Morgan Stanley as an Investment Analyst specializing in Equities and Equity derivatives developing into a generalist Portfolio Manager with a successful track record of risk-adjusted returns that outperformed the market from 2015-2018. He played on the Columbia University Men’s Tennis team, helping the team win an Ivy League Championship and achieve a top 30 NCAA Division I ranking. John also participated in multiple professional tennis tournaments. John graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics.

Eric Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman was born in Israel and raised in South Florida. He began his career in financial services at UBS in 2002 as a Registered Investment Advisor and then went to work for a Family Office as a trader upon completion of his MBA in 2006. In 2011, Mr. Kaufman went on to found, operate, and manage his own Prop Trading firm, specializing in IPO/Syndicate trading. From 2012-2015, the business generated $10 million in net profits, growing each year. Mr. Kaufman has a strong background in sales and business management successfully forming and cultivating relationships throughout his career. Mr. Kaufman graduated from the University of Miami in 2002 with a BBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship and from the University of Miami School of Business in 2006 with an MBA in Management and Marketing.

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